Making a quick buck can be easy if you set up a stall at a busy event and sell some trinkets. Whether you’re selling food, homemade items or anything else, people at festivals and fairs are there to buy and you’ll have a good chance of making a lot of money. Food stalls are always a surefire way of attracting customers, but if you’re talented at making other items you can sell those at well. Price tagging and labeling your products is as simple as having to print custom stickers and then labeling them accordingly.

If you’re going to be selling food, you need to consider your competition and the venue. At an extremely busy venue, all food stalls are guaranteed to make money since there will be long lines and people would rather stand in shorter lines, ensuring that you’ll get business at some point if all the other food stalls are busy. On the other hand, if it’s only a moderately busy event and there are tons of food stalls, you could run into some problems. Try to scope out how many other vendors there will be and how many people will be attending.

If you’re making your own items, try to match them to the theme of whatever event you’re attending. For example, if you’re attending an event surrounding geek culture, you can sell handmade jewelry related to popular video games, movies, comics and so forth. Selling completely unrelated items can mean you’ll struggle to get customers when there are other vendors selling things that pander to the specific interests of the people that are attending the event. You want to consider all this beforehand for the best chances at making profit.